Patio Flooring Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Patio Flooring Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

With a little thought, you can transform a modest patio into a lively space for entertaining friends and neighbors. Take help from New Horizons Flooring for transforming a drab patio into a relaxing spot for lazy weekend brunches.

Our team of dexterous workers exhibits amazing craftsmanship in installing patio floors. You can explore our image gallery to learn about our services and to choose the best patio flooring for your home.

Suggestions on Patio Flooring Installation

Being reputed flooring experts we take into consideration our client requirements. Here are some of the factors we consider while choosing patio flooring material.

  • It is essential to choose a material that is durable enough to withstand high foot traffic.
  • Go for a material that is easy to maintain and will not wear out easily.
  • Choose a material that would lend the right charm to your patio. For instance, for a laid-back natural look and easy maintenance, concrete is the best. For a rustic look, stone or brick is the best; for a royal and classy look, no material can be compared to wood.

Best Patio Flooring Options We Provide

  • Wooden Flooring: Wood by far is one of the best flooring options available as a patio flooring material for its elegance and rustic charm. It has a coziness and warmth that no other flooring material can exude. It offers an enticing transition from the outdoors to inwards. However wood requires more upkeep compared to the other outdoor ‘flooring materials’.

If you go for real hardwood flooring, you need to make sure annually it is cleaned by professional cleaners and then sealed. If you do not wish to go through all that work, you could consider using engineered wood or composite flooring which mimics real wood but is more cost-effective and requires less maintenance.

Some of the popular real wood used for building patios is cedar, red western, cypress etc. We offer an array of species of hardwood for building patios. You can choose one according to your preference and budget.

  • Natural Stone: The advantage of using stone flooring is that in addition to lending your patio an ethereal look it blends with the outdoors effectively because of its rustic flair. It helps in creating a rustic or luxurious look based on the kind of stone you select. Natural stone can withstand ‘heavy foot’ traffic and thus proves to be one of the best choices as a patio flooring material. How much maintenance would be required would depend on the kind of stone you choose. Some of the stones are way more porous compared to the others and need frequent sealing.

For your patio remodeling project, contact New Horizons Flooring without delay and be assured of superior quality installation service, high-grade flooring material, and outstanding workmanship.