Living Room Flooring

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Inspired to give your home a chic makeover to your living room floor? Let it represent your persona and style choices. Whether you want a modern floor that’s quick and easy to clean or a safe one for kids to play, whether you desire to have the trendy wood finish or choose to have warm colors, New Horizons Flooring takes care of every detail. Let your living room ooze warmth for family and be your own cozy space.

Our living room flooring installation services are known not just for quality craftsmanship, but also for timely completion of projects. Head on to our gallery to check out the timeless flooring installations we’ve done.

Living Room Flooring Installation Expertise

Being specialists in flooring and tiling, we keep the requirements of our customers in mind. You need to consider the following aspects before deciding which kind of floor you would like to have.

  • Select the best design, theme, color, and pattern as per your interiors
  • Consider the amount of traffic you expect in the living room
  • Go for the latest dust-proof, scratch-resistant, water-proof, and low-maintenance flooring
  • Choose a finish that is easy to maintain and clean
  • Always opt for professional assistance to install, repair and re-install living room flooring

Types of Living Room Flooring Installation We Offer

From conventional and mid-century designs to country chic and vintage accents, New Horizons Flooring offers timely services for your living room floor installation.

  • Tile Flooring: Whether you prefer ceramic tile flooring, porcelain tile floor or mosaic tiles, we have the best options available. Porcelain tiles are perfect, if you wish to have stain-resistant low-maintenance flooring. Glazed ceramic tiles are a great choice for homes with kids since they have a hard top surface and are naturally resistant to wetness and humidity.
  • Wood Flooring: Solid wood is a timeless beauty with a natural texture. The robust feel of solid wood living room flooring blends well with both traditional as well as contemporary interior designs. In addition, it is durable, has better precision, and robust.
  • Laminate Flooring: Laminate living flooring simulates the appearance of wood. It may also have prints showing off wooden grain pattern with a transparent melamine layer covering. Essentially, laminates are man-made flooring solutions having a high-density fiberboard core, which makes it more flexible and stronger. Cellulose paper adds to greater stability. Choose from gray, tan, textured, rustic, or tile and stone laminates.
  • Engineered Wood Flooring: Engineered wood is fabricated by pressing multiple layers of wood together. The top layer is the most important as it displays the final color, feels and pattern of the floor. We have a wide range of engineered wood boards of different types of woods, thickness, and finish.
  • Vinyl or PVC Flooring: Vinyl is the latest choice of living room flooring. It is cost-effective, requires low maintenance, and is easy to clean. Vinyl flooring can transform your living room into a durable and realistic design inspired by solid wood, ceramic, stone, or anything of your imagination. Options include vinyl sheet, tile, and much more.

If you are planning to repair or re-install the living room flooring, or you are doing a new living room, contact us for the most cost-effective and trendy designs.