Iron Balusters Staircase Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Iron Balusters Staircase Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Looking for ways to make your home look royal and classy? Invest in some well-crafted balusters to add a fanciful touch. Balusters, which are usually made from wood or stone are moulded structures that are derived from square or rectangular planks. They used to be a very elegant addition to rich houses before.

Today their designs have evolved a lot and while they are still considered classy, modern designs are slowly making their way into balustrade structures. Modern wooden and iron balusters spruce up your staircase, adding to the beauty of the structure. Get your baluster project started with New Horizons Flooring now and avail our expert advice and assistance tailored to your needs.

The Trend Of Baluster Patterns

While there is nothing wrong with plain railings, there seems an obvious lack of character in them unless they are characterized by unusual colors or textures. If you are a firm believer that your staircase should reflect the same elegance as your home, because we certainly do, consider replacing those plain railings with something having more character.

Iron balusters are becoming more popular among homeowners nowadays. They still maintain the classical baluster elegance, however, there is this unmistakable hint of newness that you cannot unsee. The repetition in the balusters gives rise to unique patterns that are definitely better than plain old railings. There are also numerous designs to choose from so there is a high chance that you would find a design to your liking too.

What To Choose?

Two types of balusters are popular nowadays. One being wood and the other being iron balusters. While both are good in their own right, we would like to side with iron balusters for not only are they way easier to design but also because they are much sturdier than their wooden counterparts. They are also available in many colours. Iron balusters come in an array of exciting colors like silver, bronze, nickel and copper.

Contact Us For All Your Baluster Needs

New Horizons Flooring specializes in staircase installations and maintenance. However, our work is not limited to the staircases alone. We assist people with railings and iron baluster installation too. Feel free to come to us with a design of your choice. If you are confused, however, our experts in notable design centres would guide you through the selection process and suggest you the best options.

Remember you can now make your dream of an ideal staircase come true.