Hallway Flooring Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Hallway Flooring Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch


While deciding on the hallway flooring material, you need to consider some factors such as ‘foot traffic’, low maintenance, aesthetic appeal and much more. Check out some of the best hallway flooring options offered by New Horizons Flooring.

We have an adept team of workers who have the expertise to do the installation of hallway flooring well. On-time project completion, affordable pricing, and incredible workmanship make us one of the most sought-after flooring contractors.

Factors that Can Decide the Choice of Material for Hallway Flooring

From choosing the right material to the color, designs, and pattern, everything is important while deciding on hallway flooring material. You have to decide whether you wish to go for floor coverings or hard flooring. The color of flooring is important as well. It is essential to choose flooring in a dark hue or you could opt for a pale finish. The pattern you choose or the way the tiles are laid down can make a huge difference to a hallway. Laying the tiles diagonally can make a hallway look spacious.

Ideal Hallway Flooring Options We Offer

Hard flooring is one of the best options for the hallways and you can choose among wooden flooring, floor tiles or laminate flooring. If you want flooring within your budget, vinyl flooring is the best.

  • Floor Tiles: For hallways, one of the best options is the floor tiles. You must choose one which is manmade or natural. If you are interested in natural stone tiles speak to our flooring experts to help you choose one that can withstand high traffic. Among the manmade tiles, the ceramic and porcelain tiles are good options for your hallway. The ceramic tiles require easy upkeep and are hard-wearing; whereas, the porcelain tiles are durable.
  • Wooden Floors: The wooden flooring is definitely a winner in the hallway. The most preferred hues to choose would be dark wood and ‘mid-toned’ finishes as they will not show up any dust. Pale wood makes space look huge. The benefit of using wood flooring is that you can have it refinished in case of damage.
  • Laminate Floors: Laminate gives the look of engineered or solid wood and that too at a low price. High-quality laminate flooring would resist tear and wear. Instead of choosing a cheap one, invest in a high-quality one which will not wear out easily.

To give your hallway a grand makeover, you can make use of the flooring installation services of New Horizons Flooring at your earliest.