Custom Staircases Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Custom Staircases Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Your home is not complete unless it has a beautiful staircase to match with it. So why settle for a staircase that does not go well with the aesthetic of your home? New Horizons Flooring makes sure that you do not have to compromise with your style and safety. Our specialists assist you in making a custom staircase that is not only stylish to look at but also adheres to all the safety regulations in hopes of adding some value to your lifestyle.

You are investing not just in a staircase here, but you are also investing in something that would be a part of your home. It is natural to go for the best options. We at New Horizons Flooring understand that and assure you only the best quality work in the specified timeframe, guaranteeing full satisfaction.

Different Types of Staircases

You would be surprised to see how many different types of staircases one can choose from. Our services include but are not limited to the following types of staircase designs.

  • Straight run staircases: These are linear staircases that do not undergo any change in direction. Due to their fairly simple build, these staircases are often inexpensive to build. They do not have a landing so many people find them taxing to use. However, they do make an interesting addition to a minimalistic home.
  • Winder staircases: If you are looking for a seamless transition in levels, this is the staircase for you. Instead of a landing, these staircases have wedge-shaped stairs at the turning point. They are now a popular choice among modern homes since they can be installed anywhere.
  • L-shaped staircases: These are a variation of straight run staircases with a usually 90-degree bend at some portion. Due to the presence of a central landing, they are deemed safer than the usual straight run staircases. They also add a bit of privacy between floors.

A Vast Variety of Staircase Designs

The design of a staircase has a huge impact on not only the style of the whole house but also the safety of its inhabitants. While a minimalistic staircase would help make your home look spacious, you should take care so as to not make it overly simplified. This can lead to safety issues.

Often the color of the stairs matches with the color of the flooring in order to create a harmonious look. You can go for decorative risers if you want to add a touch of art to the steps.

Whatever is your taste, we at New Horizons Flooring promises to assist you in creating your choicest staircase design. Contact us to know more about our custom-staircase services.