Custom Stair Railing Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Custom Stair Railing Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Staircases continue to remain the focal point of beauty in our homes even now. Interior designers often stress on the impact a beautiful staircase can have in our homes. Whether you are installing a new staircase or thinking of remodeling the existing one, the experts at New Horizons Flooring would help you get your own custom staircases.

A good staircase is made up of an amalgamation of unique parts. Hence our expertise does not lie just in installing and repairing staircases either, we also help in the installation of custom stair railing that is guaranteed to spruce up the look of your staircase. Every staircase needs a railing that becomes of it after all.

Some Railing Designs That People Are Talking About

  1. Wooden Railings: These are one of the basic railings and trust us, you can never go wrong with them. Wooden railings have an elegant look to them and to back this quality, they are sturdy too. Wooden railings come in different designs and each one has its own specialty. A wooden railing with perfect finishing can stand anywhere between chic to vintage or even minimalist.
  2. Railings Made Up Of Wood And Glass: Not as traditional as their wooden counterparts, railings made from wood and glass help the staircase mix seamlessly with the background, making your home appear more spacious. The guardrails are normally made from glass mounted on metal supports while the handrails are simple and linear wooden structures.
  3. Railings Made Up Of Wood And Metal: Quite the winning combination, these railings are known for being both classical and contemporary. You can easily achieve a desirable contrast by playing around with different finishing and colors.
  4. Simple Metal Railings: Nothing says industrial like 100% metal railings. These railings have become a staple in many modern homes that appreciate the clarity and interest the railings possess.

Why Trust New Horizons Flooring With Your Custom Staircase Railing Project?

  1. If you are looking for quality installation services, you can be assured that we have it covered. We make sure that the installations adhere to all the standard safety rules so that you and your family remain safe.
  2. Daily use can cause the railing to lose its shine. Older railings are also prone to rotting and corrosion. Our repair services make sure that the railings are repaired and become as good as new.
  3. Our punctuality assures you that the construction finishes in time. We are almost never behind the scheduled deadlines but this does not mean our quality is compromised. We endeavor to bring to you only the best of the service.

New Horizons Flooring is the one stop shop for all your custom stair railing needs.