Basement Flooring Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Basement Flooring Arvada Thornton Broomfield Littleton Highlands Ranch

Selecting the right flooring for the basement can be a tricky task as it cannot be selected by the normal flooring rules. The main concern while choosing flooring for the basement is how well it can deal with moisture. For choosing and installation of the right ‘basement flooring’ material you must get in touch with New Horizons Flooring as they consider every detail to give you the best result.

We have been able to create a good reputation as flooring contractors for our commendable workmanship, competitive pricing and timely delivery of projects.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Basement Material

  • Hard Materials: While choosing the basement material make sure to choose one that is durable and concrete.
  • Inorganic Materials: The inorganic materials do work better than organic Some of the best inorganic materials that work well for basements are vinyl, concrete, and tile. Though inorganic materials can grow mold, they would not deteriorate like organic materials. Solid hardwood is 100% organic and thus is a bad choice for the basements. Organic materials grow mold and rot away when comes in contact with water.
  • Monolithic Single layer: One layer is preferred in the basements over the multilayered flooring systems as they dry faster. A good example of a monolithic single layered floor is the concrete.

Types of Basement Flooring Installations We Provide

There are various types of basement flooring systems that New Horizons Flooring provides. Some of the best ones are as follows:

  • Sheet Vinyl Flooring: One of the most resilient floorings is vinyl flooring that works best for the basement. Vinyl flooring is available in the form of planks and sheet. The sheet ‘vinyl flooring’ is preferred since it creates water-impervious seamless flooring. On the other hand, the tile ‘vinyl flooring’ has various seams which may invite the infiltration of moisture if left long enough.
  • Porcelain Flooring: The advantage of the porcelain flooring is that you can have it installed directly on the concrete slab. The key advantage of using the porcelain flooring is that it dries out quickly and remains undamaged even during flooding.
  • Engineered Wood Flooring: The wood that is derived from the trees is organic in nature and cannot effectively ward off moisture. The ‘engineered wood’ is basically ‘cross-hatched’ plywood base that lies beneath the ‘real wood’ veneer which maintains shape in presence of moisture.

For repairing or remodeling your basement, get in touch with New Horizons Flooring right away.